Why Attend the Tulip Time Festival in Michigan

Why Attend the Tulip Time Festival in Michigan

For more than 85 years, the Holland Village, Michigan has held the Tulip Time Festival. The festival attracts guests from all parts of the world for fun and flowers. Dutch settlers brought with them the tulips from Holland and this is why the Village is called Holland. The Tulip festival came into existence after a biology teacher suggested a day to be set aside for the festival at a woman’s Literary Club Meeting. The idea caught on and the city started selling tulip bulbs the residents in 1928 and finally, in 1929 the Tulip Time Event was formed.

Best tulip locations

One of the best locations to see the tulip event is at Neil’s Dutch village, but you can also sample some other tulip displays around the town. Unlike other events, the Tulip Time Event do not only happen at a fair park or downtown, but it happens all around Holland, Michigan with several magical places put in place from where you can view the flowers. Some of the places that offer spectacular view are Kollen Park, Riverview Park, and Windmill Island Gardens. These Parks are large and have massive displays of Tulips.

The Tulip Time Event has great activities, but the larger events such as the parades are mostly clustered on the final weekend. If you want to view this magical and spectacular event and you want to avoid larger crowds, you might want to visit on Mondays through to Thursday, during this time, you will be able to easily move throughout the town.

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