What’s So Great About America?

What’s So Great About America?

America has been known as the land of opportunities. Every individual has unlimited freedom and opportunities to pursue. Americans are kind and gentle people. Immigrants go to America to explore the endless opportunities offered.

America offers High standards of living for every common man. The American economy has reduced unemployment and poverty making everyone capable of living a good life. This motivates Americans to work, significantly reducing theft and insecurity.

The American Army makes America great. They are deployed all over the world for peace keeping missions. Her army is known for been committed and serving selflessly despite all the hardships.

America is great for its support for the young people. In America the destiny of young people is created by them. You can determine your own fate unlike other countries where one has to be what their elders think they should be. This has allowed everyone to do what they are best at.

Justice is well practiced in America no one is above the law. Unlike other countries, where the rich are above the law and can get away with everything, American courts are not corrupt. In America no one can get away with injustice. The common man is also not left behind. American courts do have qualified lawyers assigned to them.

America is great because of its Kindness and gentleness in the world history. She is known for embracing peace, equity, protection, liberty and prosperity of all nations. The United Nations organization has been one of the many bodies that help ensure this.

America is a free nation and emphasizes on Equity of rights. In America no one is better than the others. They are equal and free to do everything as long as you don’t break any laws

America is great because of the high standards of education offered. America hosts some of the best universities in the world such as Stanford University, Harvard University, Princeton University and many others. They do offer scholarships to the best performed students worldwide.

People live longer because they embrace fitness and healthy lifestyle. Americans believe you start living life at 60years. They have doctors and nurse practitioners that advise them on how to live.

The cultural impact America has on other nations makes America great. They influence other nations with movies, music, restaurants, TV shows (Oprah Winfrey and Steve Harvey) and fun activities (hiking, boat riding). Food chains such as KFC, Dominos and Subway were first started in America. They have received global audience in the past years.

American life as it is lived today it’s the best the world can offer. It has made good life and dreams possible. American is great.

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