Trends that will Change your Business

Trends that will Change your Business

Here are some of the predicted trends that might affect the way you run your business. Forbes contributor Ian Altman shows that they will lead to ones success if utilized properly.

  1. New collaboration tools are replacing emails.

In most organizations that have both internal and external communication done through mail admit that they spend most of the time on their desktop opening and closing emails. Organizations that use collaborations such as slack do have less inboxes to deal with daily. The whole mail reading process has changed to an hour or less spent on emails which in turn increases their productivity on other sectors. Most companies have switched to social media tools to capture the attention of potential customers who shift to platforms such a slack.

  1. Brick and mortar stores without expertise are disappearing.

Stores that merely offer merchandise without expertise will continue to suffer. Brick and mortar stores do let customers find things on their own and so does amazon. Discovering products is more easily done online than in a store and that’s why they will continue losing customers to amazon every day. This explains why American retail stores are closing down every day.

  1. Narrow segments do capture attention.

Marketers and sales professionals have reached out to conclusion that people tend to buy more if they get exactly what they want. Most entrepreneurs in the past have relied on a one size fits all products and messages. This means they have made people to like the same one product despite the different personalities and taste. Companies that have adopted to tailored products in accordance to consumer preferences have noticed a huge difference I their sales as people get exactly what they want.

  1. Subject matter experts will get more sales support this year

A customer today prefers subject matter expert more than traditional sales man culture. Top companies have recognizes that they play a bigger role when it comes to sales. They are focused and cannot afford to waste time. Sales departments will grow to support subject matter experts while top organization will use their resources and tools such as salesforce, infusionsoft and contractually to provide dashboards and notifications. This will ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. This support will prioritize follow-through based rules and ensure that organizations are responsive and proactive at the right times.

In conclusion do take your time and see how your business will be affected and what trends  you can adapt to for your business.

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