Top 5 Night Life Cities in the USA

Top 5 Night Life Cities in the USA

When you hear the word night life, what comes to mind? Partying, drinking, alcohol, women, freedom and generally having a good time would without doubt fit your list. America is known as the land of opportunities, a place where almost anyone can actualize their dreams. Today I will give you a free tour to one of the most iconic nightlife destinations in the U.S of A. Get ready to unleash the party animal in you.


If you are a movie fanatic or a music enthusiast, no matter what side of the world you belong to, you will agree Miami isn’t an alien name to you. When you hear Miami, you can’t help but think of the hot bikini girls walking by the beach, you can almost see it in small motion. Miami is littered with dozens of mega-clubs, most of these clubs boast of hosting world renown DJs and celebrities are a norm.

What’s America without a few gay people sharing some gay love. TWIST is one of the many gay clubs and a destination for most members of the gay community. The city also boasts of numerous strips club, if you the kind who takes pleasure in spending thousands on strippers for no reason, you are in luck.


They say what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas. But, today is your luck day. I will let you in on why Las Vegas would give Miami a run for the money as the party capital of the world. Here they say it’s party time 24hrs a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. When we talk of Las Vegas, you think of gambling, casinos and slot machines. Here you can come in a nobody and walk out a millionaire or the other way round it all depends with lady luck. If you are looking to party all night and do all kind of weird staff, then when you in Vegas you know you are in the right place, that explains the name, Sin city.

Spots such as LUX, which goes as low as 10 bucks, the Ghost Bar, and the Voodoo rooftop night club will surely quench your fantasy.

  1. NEW YORK.

The NYC doesn’t disappoint when it comes to leading the life of a party-holic. New York is always ready to put you in the party mood. It gives a long list of bars, comedy clubs, dance clubs etc. New York boasts of over 5,000 bars, over 200 dance clubs and 150 karaoke bars. Surely when it comes to nightlife New York definitely doesn’t disappoint.


When you visit the cities of ‘Angels’ you expect nothing less than the best. LA boasts of over 2700 bars, over 330 dance clubs and those of you eager to test your singing skills, no matter how stupid Los Angeles has over 230 karaoke bars. Sounds like too much fun don’t you think?


When it comes to satisfying the needs of a party monster, San Francisco hasn’t been left behind it also boasts of over 2000 bars. The monarch bar is one of the highest rated bars in the area, its rated 4.2 with a ‘high level of drinking’ reputation.

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