Is Maine State Lobster as Delicious as they say it is?

Is Maine State Lobster as Delicious as they say it is?

Maine is famous for its large sea looms, peaceful harbours, pebbly beaches and lobsters. Lobster is Maine’s no. 1 export. They are crustaceans found in the chilly Atlantic Ocean. The data collected in 2016 show that over three million visitors travel to the place to taste the deliciously. During the harvesting the lobsters are dark blue-green in colour and when cooked it turns red.

Maine lobsters are the best because of the positive features that it has over the others. The first thing that you would notice is its size. Compared to other lobsters, Maine lobster is bigger in size. An average lobster weighs approximately one and a-half to two pounds. They have large claws too. The lobsters are sweet and have tender meat.

They are also known to have low cholesterol. It sounds unbelievable but yes the do. The level of cholesterol, calories and saturate fats in Maine lobsters are low. This makes the lobster healthy. If you do go easy on butter Maine lobster is the way to go. They are highly nutritious too. The lobsters have a high level of potassium, amino acids, vitamin A and B, magnesium and calcium.

The white meat in a lobster is located in the tail, claws and knuckles. Meat can also be found in the other body and legs too. You won’t be disappointed at all. The red material I the tail section is coral “roe” or the female eggs. It is considered a delicacy. The greenish material at the joint of the body is the liver “tomalley”. It has a peppery taste that’s used in many recipes.

Maine lobsters can be cooked in so many ways unlike other lobsters. Many prefer it steamed. Live lobsters can be grilled and baked to. people to come to Maine to have lobsters that are cooked the old fashion way. Lobster steamed in beer has been noted as the best.

The lobster industry in Maine is very important. This is why they hold the Maine lobster festival which attracts thousands of visitors and farmers. In 2008 more than twenty thousand  pounds was served.

The Maine lobster is the best enjoyed lobster in the world. When you visit Maine you will find signs everywhere that state “fresh Maine lobster” from the roadside to fancy and classy restaurants. You won’t have to worry about trying to locate a place that cooks Maine lobster.


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