Interior Design Trends to Explore

Interior Design Trends to Explore

Everyday different artist come up with new home designs decoration. Some do please a lot of people who use it in their houses. When time passes new designs come up to fill the market gap. Here are some interior design house decorations that will trend

  1. Mixed patterns

Mixed patterns will be used in more houses. The home decoration captures your attention because it’s beautiful and interesting especially for pattern lovers. The patterns can have different colors in them to add up to its elegance.

  1. Faux finish

Home designers will be seen using more faux finishing materials such as faux wood ceiling beams, faux foliage, faux leather counters and manufactured grey floor. They are made by materials that do not rot, or get affected by heat.

  1. Colours

In 2017 the use of earth colours will increase a lot. Many people will be exploring, navy, powdery pink, terracotta, rust, sand, cinnamon, ochre, cinnamon, olive green. They are warm and calming colours. You can introduce a few earth-coloured things in the house before painting the walls.

  1. DIY table mat

In the past most people used to buy table mats from supermarkets and other stalls that sell them. This might reduce because people are going for the new DIY table clothes. They are affordable and very easy to make. All you have to do is buy a highlighter, fabric or an cloth from your closet, fabric scissors and a ruler.

  1. DIY flower vases

Flowers make your house look good but you also need a beautiful vase to go with it. The DIY vases can be made by any empty bottle, glue, scissors and a paper gift rapper of your choice. Many homes will be exploring the homemade vases, as a way of bonding with friends and family.

  1. Sculpting lights

This is a new technology that will gain polarity in the interior design market. You can have it installed in your house ceilings and walls. You can have the lights installed in form of letters, numbers or shapes.

  1. Wall Art

For some time now wall had reduced its influence in the interior design market but in creatively shaped metals and wood will be used more in home decoration.

Gypsum boards

The boards are used on top of concrete instead of woods and wooden boards. They can be shaped easily and painted to your color of choice.

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