How Do You Know Your Google AdWords Campaign is working?

How Do You Know Your Google AdWords Campaign is working?

Small business owners are looking for ways to generate leads and sales for their business they wondering if using Google Adwords campaigns will work in their favor or not. When it comes to AdWords, what works for you may not work for another person. Account goals may be different from each other. You might want to show your ads to a specific group of people while another business owner might want to show his/her ads to a larger group of people. Every small business has different agendas which make the accounts perform fundamentally different. How do you know if your Google AdWords campaign is working or not?

Begin by taking a few steps back

Ask yourself the goal you want to achieve and how realistic are these goals. AdWords gives you the ability to precisely target specific audiences well as analytic to back it up. You should know how to interpret the analytic to know if AdWords campaign is improving your business. Google AdWords has a conversion tracking system that you can use to see the traffic flow on your Google ad. Conversion tracking is integral to understand how your Google AdWords account is working. You can see all the clicks CTR, average position, impressions, and cost.

You can also use Google AdWords tracking system to track your data and see what viewers do when they are on your website. It gives you the basis to determine is your Google AdWords campaign is working towards benefiting your business through leads and sales.

Set goals

Let’s say your goal is to get people visit your website, your AdWords analytic will show you how many people clicked on your ad. If your goal is to increase traffic towards certain page or your online shopping cart, AdWords analytics will allow that to happen and you will be able to achieve not only your goal but to also measure their behavior. Everything indicates that customers who are interested in what you offer will click on your ads to find more about your business.

Setting up conversion tracking for the action that goes on across your website, should indicate what you are offering. People are strange, you might find certain websites or search terms results in conversion that has nothing to do with your products and services. Try and understand why people are clicking on your ad then you will understand if your Google AdWords campaign is working.

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