Business Trends That Will Drive Success

Business Trends That Will Drive Success

Here are some of the predictions that will drive success this year

  1. Crowd funding validates new products

According to an expert Clay Herbert companies not only use crowd funding to raise capital. It helps validate products before investing in them. U.S. based companies are embracing the idea. The companies create products which go through the process of market validation. The process allows companies to learn and engage with the users in the earlier process. In turn it speeds up the market and reduces both the cost and risks of new products innovation.

  1. Sales and content marketing will become fully integrated

The increased use of internet and technology, businesses are now venturing into online sales and marketing.  Its goal is to ensure that when customers search for risks, problems and implementation strategies they will find your content to give them a solution. Top notch American companies are now engaging their sales team to identify topics for content marketing which in the long run helps them to make sales.

  1. Use of videos will be essential

According to Forbes videos are becoming a critical source of information these days. More than 80% people are watching online videos today as a source of information. 75% of Executives involved in a survey process admitted to viewing work related videos on business websites and you tube weekly. Most of them do visit the vendor’s websites to get more information after viewing. This shows that most Americans are now going for videos than blogs, articles and advertisements. If you have important messages to pass long go for videos.

  1. Subject matters experts (SME) will be the new rainmakers

They have the ability to drive growth in top performing B2B companies in America. Most people now days opt to meet with subject matters experts just to gain more instincts on something before buying. They have are experts who not only just take orders and delivers they explain to you and offer the best ideas before making a sale. Right now businesses have realized it’s better to have an expert who deals with proper leads and narrow focus on the right opportunities than a group of sales men who might not make as much sales.

In conclusion this year seems promising for most businesses. Millennial are coming up with new ideas daily. The strategic trends above will help your business thrive.

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