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What is BizClickUSA Certification?

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Enhanced Digital Services

If a business has been certified by BizClickUSA, it means BizClickUSA has determined that the business meets the highest online standards.. This means your site is responsive, and Ecommerce tools are in place, along with many other development features are installed and working.

BizClickUSA Certification Badges appearing below, are available for download (right click, save). Once you have setup your online digital profile, you then can add your authentic BizClickUSA Certification to your site and link it back to your BizClickUSA Profile page which is linked to every other profile you have online as a central, or Main Hub for your business. 

The BizClickUSA Certification varies in cost. Once you are Certified with BizClickUSA, you gain the trust and respect from your clients. You also have advantages to reach 1000’s more category specific targeted customers daily. 


Once a Member, you will benefit from thousands of new targeted customers through our vast network.

Unique Profile

Connect our unique, unlimited full-featured profile to everything else you have online.

Custom Blogs

Once a Member, we write you a unique Blog post, and post it in key places online, that draw attention.

Email Blast

Allow us to send an Email Blast to thousands of unique users, to all opt-in inbox users in our database.

SEO Optomization

With this unique Backlinks Program, you will notice immediate relevant traffic to your website.

Web Development

Plan your next website, and/or web strategy with this unique service, all working within your budget.

The Certification Badge

Go to the Badges page here, and (right-click) and (save-as) to your pc/mac desktop.  Once you have download the Badge, simply add it to your website using

or ask your web developer to add this to your website page footer.

Once you have installed the Badge to your site, then link it:

Download a Badge and Logo, click here


Fix Your Online Reviews


1) Business reviews and social posts help shape a company’s online reputation 
Let’s get it 100% right this time!

 The last thing you want to do is ignore your online reviews. As stats now show, 70% of the population online is checking reviews first before the buy your product or service. 80% will turn away from a business with bad reviews. This is no longer a laughing matter, it’s very serious for businesses like yours that rely on ratings and reviews. This hits especially hard on the service industry. No one likes bad service, and this is reflected online.

A business can still take charge and fix their online presence, and usually with a little help. We can help!  The biggest mistake is when a business tries to figure out what they’ve done wrong, and doesn’t seek outside help. The reason being, they may fix a couple reviews on some known sites, but what about the unknown sites, the ones that affect them behind the scenes. These make up thousands of dollars. This is why this BizClickUSA Certification program is helping businesses stay on top of their business and reviews. 

Reviews create valuable feedback for businesses

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Traffic Booster

Do you need a huge traffic boost for your business? Do you need more local customers walking into your business? We can help?

We have proven methods to getting more customers to your business. We start with running promotional campaigns in your area, and online. 

A traffic boost = more customers for your business!

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BizClickUSA Certification tasks

Online Presence

We will verifiy your online web presence, and we will  help fix your online issues, like misspelled address on popular listing sites, or point out best practices on your social media profiles… 

Business Information

We will correct all your business information online, hours of service, address and phone# … it is vitally important to fix this so, for example: customers know when you are actually open and aren’t let down when they arrive to your location to find out you are closed.

Website Development Issues

We make sure your website is appearing correctly on all desktop and mobile devices, and up to today’s standards. Your site MUST be responsive, or you are doing it all wrong!

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